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Meet The Starz Staff

Meadowlands Starz Staff - The Foundation of the Starz Family! 


Michele Cusimano-Stirone is the owner and founder of Meadowland Starz Cheer. She has a combined 30 years of cheer experience from cheering herself, to owning a competition cheer company (Ultimate Cheer & Dance) & coaching. Michele has coached athletes in all areas of cheerleading from catholic schools, recreation, and competitive cheerleading. She has been heavily involved in the youth in her community for over 13 years. In 2014, she completed a year of service as Mayoral appointed position Recreation Director in her community. Currently, Michele holds a position with a firm as a Project Manager. She attended New Jersey City University for Business Administration.

Michele has always focused on making a difference in the lives of the athletes that attend the Meadowlands Starz program. It has been her dream to provide a facility where the children consider it their second home and family. She works with every individual athlete to ensure they are performing at their highest capability no matter what their skill level is.




Erin Lewis

The teams have been coached by Erin Lewis and she has proven to shine as coaching the teams to many 1st places titles, states champs and national champs through the 5 years. We are excited to welcome Erin back and many other coaching staff as the program grows! 


Michelle Lagomarsino


Gabrielle Carpentier


We offer a range of competitive cheer teams for ages 3-18 for boys and girls! We have a Tiny program, Half and Full Year Team Options! Contact our Program Director today!  

The Starz staff are experienced, knowledgeable, certified, educators and above all the backbone of our program!

Meadowlands Starz