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Meet The Meadowlands Starz Staff


The Foundation of the Starz Family! 

   Michele Cusimano-Stirone

Michele Cusimano-Stirone is the owner, Director and founder of Meadowland Starz Cheer. She has a combined 30 years of cheer experience from cheering herself, to owning a competition cheer company (Ultimate Cheer & Dance) & coaching. Michele has coached athletes in all areas of cheerleading from catholic schools, recreation, and competitive cheerleading. She has been heavily involved in the youth in her community for over 13 years. In 2014, she completed a year of service as Mayoral appointed position Recreation Director in her community. Currently, Michele holds a position with a firm as a Project Manager. She attended New Jersey City University for Business Administration.

Michele has always focused on making a difference in the lives of the athletes that attend the Meadowlands Starz program. It has been her dream to provide a facility where the children consider it their second home and family. She works with every individual athlete to ensure they are performing at their highest capability no matter what their skill level is.




  Erin Lewis

The teams have been coached by Erin Lewis and she has proven to shine as coaching the teams to many 1st places titles, states champs and national champs through the 5 years. We are excited to welcome Erin back and many other coaching staff as the program grows! 


   Michelle Lagomarsino


   Gabrielle Carpentier


The Starz staff are experienced, knowledgeable, certified, educators and above all the backbone of our program!




Meadowlands Athletic Center Facility (MAC)

Meadowlands Athletic Center Dba Meadowlands Starz Cheer was established in 2013 and on a true love for sports and a dedication to developing ALL youth athletes both physically and mentally.  We are a premier Recreation Competitive Cheer team now opening a premier technical training center. This means that we can focus on all aspects of technical development for athletes of all ages and skill levels. We provide a fun, energetic and challenging training environment that facilitates development.

We believe that to make your athlete the best they can be we must provide the best coachers/trainers possible. We have a NEW facility, equipment, experience, and knowledgeable Coaches and Trainers for cheerleading, tumbling, conditioning, agility, and strength training. 

At Meadowlands Athletic Center, we offer individualized and specialized programs for girl or boy, any age and/or skill level. We are confident that our program will bring out the best in each athlete and will provide them with the best opportunity to reach their full potential. Our coaches enjoy sharing their knowledge and passion with any athlete who loves their sport and is dedicated to their development.

Meadowlands understands that in NJ. a state where you can find many organizations, but we understand that you want a facility that will fit you and your child's needs. We stand out from the rest with our training methods and expert knowledge in the fields of gymnastics tumbling and cheerleading. We teach proper technique, core strengthening, control, balance, and coordination. We believe that the key to victory is appropriate progression and perfecting the fundamentals before moving forward. The best part of all is that we are very flexible with your schedules. We recognize that life can be hectic when everyone is involved in something. We offer different programs to fit everyone’s needs.

We also offer help teams in our local area by providing a practice space and/or tumbling and stunting instruction to anyone who is interested. Whether you're a high school team, recreation team, a pop warner team, or any other type of team, we will guarantee you space on our floor. With our staff who have been in the cheerleading and tumbling business for years, you will not walk out feeling empty handed.

We guarantee that you will be satisfied with the results of our program. Thank you for considering Meadowlands Starz Athletic Center as your place to train and grow.

Meadowlands Starz